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In this issue of The Economic Review

We have a multitude of major projects in this edition, from
The Calgary International Airport expansion, to the Evergreen Line for the ministry of transportation and Infrastructure, along with New Britain Palm Oil within our global agriculture sector and G4S Secure solutions Guam that leads our global security sector.

Palm oil is a very controversial product, with a staggering 70% of all food items in any supermarket containing a trace of the product; it is an industry that produces substantial volumes. With any industry of this scale, there is inevitably some unscrupulous companies taking advantage of such a lucrative resource, destroying land and Eco systems.

In this edition, we have covered New Britain Palm Oil (NBPOL), with a focus on the sustainable production of this product. NBPOL is a member of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and is a leader in the field of producing sustainable Palm oil.

NBPOL are deeply committed to producing palm oil as a product without deforestation and subsequent loss of habitat for the species that rely on a rainforest environment.

I do hope you enjoy this edition of the Economic Review.

Thomas W. Nelson
Editor in Chief