Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 D5 Inscription

The Volvo XC90 is technologically ahead, with a practical approach to security and safety. It will surprise you in regard to its efficiency. With an air of luxury, it is a refreshing choice in comparison to the usual image of its competition. For such a spacious vehicle, designed with practicality in mind, its overall look is extremely appealing. The T-shaped daytime running lights for example, give the Volvo a futuristic sleek appeal, assisted with radiator grille and a streamlined shaping.
Interior, Design, Technology
This car is technically nothing short of exceptional. The aesthetic appeal of this vehicle is built for aerodynamic purposes, even though the front end is slightly square. The car still has a slight SUV feel to it, with 19-inch alloy wheels.
Looking at the rear end of the car, with small collections of lights and the tail-lamps continuous form the bump up to the top of the boot, you are sure to be visible and easily distinguishable from other road users. The Volvo XC90 hosts a dual exhaust, as well as a smaller boot lip spoiler, resulting in a clean looking back-end to the vehicle as a whole.
Inside, the Volvo adopts the same approach to the outside. Leather is a main attraction of what is a very appealing format. With a simplistic style to the dashboard; less buttons, two main air vents, and an entertainment and climate system, all facilitated by a central touchscreen. The Sensus interface is the icing on the cake. This system incorporates a tiled function screen, similar to a smart phone set up, which is used to operate many features on the car.
Inclusive in the price tag as standard is sat-nav, air-filtration, keyless entry, LED headlights, DAB radio and auto-dimming mirrors, as well as a powered driver’s seat. The entry-level Momentum specification is also complete with cruise control, 19-inch alloy wheels, roof rails, an 8” TFT driver information display and an impressive 10 speaker 330W audio system.
The XC90 hosts a large central console and the glovebox is a respectable size. In the back, storage is a consistent priority, with individual trinket trays and cup-holders. There are also individual controls allowing independent temperature areas; this however doesn’t extend to the third row.
The seats throughout the entirety of the Volvo are incredibly comfortable with plenty of leg room. Headroom in the back row is slightly more limited than that of the other two rows at 92.3cms as oppose to 99.8 and 99.7cms respectively.
The boot has 451 litres of space, and with foldable back row seats, this figure jumps to a very impressive 1,102 litres. With all the seats away, 1,951 litres in total can be achieved. That leaves no difficulty storing away the family shop! If you needed any further assistance with your shopping, there is a pop-up shopping bag holder.
Reliability and Running Costs
Volvo are known to be a car with a safety presence, and despite including two world firsts: A Run Off-Road system that is able to identify if you leave a tarmac terrain and prepares the car for a crash, and seats that are not only energy-absorbent and will reduce the impact of a serve impact, with the amount of technology included, reliability should still not be a concern.
The breaking system is another modern feature as it disables you from turning in front of an oncoming car, again emphasising safety. Additionally, an extra feature of safety is the compartment for the front passenger is composed of high-strength steel; the strongest steel in the industry. Seven airbags are also included, covering all three rows of seats, as well as a blind spot warning, a Queue Assist function and a rear cross traffic alert are all optional extras.
Volvos as standard are accompanied by a three-year/60,000-mile warranty, average for the class. Upon buying the vehicle, the servicing plan should be fixed with servicing costs. One offering is £100 a year for all service consumables.
The Twin engine on the XC90 T8 incorporates plug-in hybrid technology, officially registering 134.5mpg on the combined cycle. This figure is slightly optimistic when in reality the car is driven on a regular basis. Volvo offers options to charge at both home and work, and have access to the latest technology by collaborating with Pod Point to achieve high-voltage charging installations. In two-and-a-half hours, the battery can be completely replenished. Another impressive figure is the CO2 emissions, at 59g/km.
The handling itself, despite including four-wheel drive, is more suitable for a perfectly tarmacked surface than a rough off-road terrain. This does have the advantage of a really comfortable ride, with a smooth gear change. If you push a few boundaries in terms of corners, steering is slightly lighter than a sporty feel necessary for cornering at speed.
This car has a balance that provides stability and comfort, as well as a performance level that can handle most challenges presented. You still feel comfortable, even when pushing the XC90’s performance, assisted with a standard steel suspension, there is still a feeling of comfort.
The engine itself is a trio of two-litre Drive-E four-cylinder engines. They include the D5, with a 222bhp twin-turbodiesel, the T6 which achieves 316bhp using a turbocharged and supercharged petrol unit, while the T8 achieves a hybrid twin engine option which improves the range.
The performance from this engine isn’t aggressively impressive, unless viewed ecologically at the figures for mpg and CO2 emissions. With electric power alone, Volvo claims the T8 will reach 25 miles. You can also save battery charge and decide when to use it, or alternatively, whilst moving, recharge using the petrol engine as a generator. Inevitably, doing this will harm the overall fuel economy, dropping it around 30% whilst battery charging.
Performance is maximised when both petrol and electric engines are combined. Volvo brags 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds, but whilst driving, you don’t get the sense it could achieve this. Acceleration response is still immediate. Overall the XC90 still feels more of a comfort car than one built for raw performance.
In conclusion, the interior is luxurious, and built with a modern perspective and a minimalistic quality. The ride is subsequently extremely comfy, smooth and the Volvo XC90 is a smart choice for space and economy. The only downside is that with the inclusion of new technology, such as a busy touch screen which controls a range of vital feature access, it can be slightly confusing to those unacquainted to modern smart-phone formats.